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Launch Your Own Online Course 64pg Ebook

Launch Your Own Online Course 64pg Ebook

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Launch your own Course will will teach you everything you need to develop, upload and launch your own online course, including how to soft launch. After selling courses online for over 4 years and we've created this beauty to help you to get on your way to selling courses online whether you have an established business or looking to start!

This guide is for you if you’re looking to:

  • Develop an online income stream

  • Educate your audience

  • Automate your education and sales

Contents include:

Chapter 1: The Basics of an Online Course.

What is an Online Course?

Benefits of an Online Course

Attributes of a Successful Online Course

Is an Online Course Right for You?

Chapter 2: Creating the Perfect Topic, Learning Outcomes, and Course Goals

Picking the Perfect Topic

Create Engaging Learning Outcomes

How To Create a Clear and Quantifiable Goal For Your Online Course

Chapter 3: Engaging Your Target Audience and Pre-selling

Target Audience

Creating a Customer Avatar

How To Engage Potential Customers and Build Buzz Around Your Online Course

Pre-selling Your Online Course .

Chapter 4: Building Revenue from the Beginning

Create a High Converting Sales Page

Deciding on and Sticking to a Model

Charge Upfront


Additional Features


Chapter 5: Choose The Right Online Course Platform

Best Course Platforms and Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Self-Hosted Online Course Site

Hosted All-In-One Online Course Platform

Chapter 6: Planning Course Content

Videos Worksheets Visuals Audio Research Outline

Best Content Creation Tools

Video Recording Tools

Document Making Tools

Editing Tools

Chapter 7: Creating Lesson Plans and Course Content

Decide on the Media for Each Lesson

Create a General Outline for Every Lesson

Script out Every Lesson Word for Word (Optional but recommended)

Record or Make Content

Chapter 8: How to Launch

Marketing Tactics

Email Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Paid Advertising

Soft Launch

This Ebook is a comprehensive breakdown of all the fundamentals you need to create a course from scratch and implement online or within your own business

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