Sydney Lash Conference 2023: Empowering Lash Artists and Unveiling Industry Secrets

Welcome to the official recap of the highly successful Sydney Lash Conference 2023! This premier event, held last week, brought together lash bosses, industry experts, and passionate artists to share knowledge, enhance their skills, and foster connections. With a massive turnout of 200 attendees and a bustling sponsor marketplace, this conference left an indelible mark on Sydney's lash community.

            Elena Asher LashMakers    Brigette Doherty LashBox LA Australia, Deanna Campese Lash'd Eyelashes

Join us as we highlight the incredible speakers who provided valuable education on running a lash business, developing eyelash extension skills, and lash lifts, making it the must-attend Australian lash conference of the year.

Industry-Leading Speakers: The Sydney Lash Conference 2023 featured renowned speakers who are widely recognised in the eyelash extension industry. Let's explore these inspiring individuals and their contributions:

1. Brigette Doherty from LashBox LA Australia: Brigette Doherty, founder of LashBox LA Australia, delivered invaluable insights on lash porosity and styling. Her session provided attendees with essential knowledge and strategies to excel in their lash skills.

2. Otto Mitter from Elleebana: As the mastermind behind Elleebana, Otto Mitter shared his expertise in lash lifts, a popular technique in eyelash extensions. Attendees had the opportunity to learn cutting-edge lash lift methods from one of the industry's leading experts.

3. Alyssa Ruiz from FBALA: Alyssa Ruiz, owner of FBALA, captivated the audience with her industry first hard of hearing program, helping lash artists accommodate the needs of deaf clients.

4. Elena Asher, owner of LashMakers: Elena Asher, the driving force behind LashMakers, shared her passion through an extensive Q and A session with the audience. Attendees gained valuable knowledge on advanced techniques and industry best practices as well as being confident in themselves as business owners

5. Keilah Sauni from Fame + Feisty: Keilah Sauni, founder of Fame + Feisty, inspired attendees with her session focused on creativity and textured lash sets.  Her insights encouraged lash artists to unlock their artistic potential.

6. Jodi Harrison from Prolong Lash: Jodi Harrison, founder of Prolong Lash, drew upon her extensive experience to provide attendees with practical strategies for building a successful team within your business. Her session equipped lash artists with tools to thrive in the competitive market whilst building their business with employees.

7. Derik Hayes from LocksLash: Derik Hayes, a renowned lash expert and founder of LocksLash, shared his knowledge of lash extensions and adhesive technology. Attendees learned about the latest products and techniques to enhance their work.

8. Sophie Mason from LashFest UK: Sophie Mason, founder of LashFest UK, offered valuable insights into business mindset and unlocking new ways of income earning online. 

                       Elena Asher LashMakers  Brigette Doherty LashBox LA Australia

                       Keilah Sauni Fame + Feisty  Otto Mitter, Elleebana


 The Sydney Lash Conference 2023 also featured a vibrant sponsor marketplace, where attendees had the opportunity to connect with leading brands and explore a wide range of lash products. Let's take a look at the sponsors and their offerings:

Spencer Artistry: Explore Spencer Artistry's high-quality lash products and accessories, perfect for achieving stunning lash looks.

Elleebana: Discover Elleebana's innovative lash lift kits, designed to deliver beautiful and long-lasting lifted lashes.

LashBox LA: LashBox LA showcased their premium lashes, adhesives, and accessories, providing attendees with a range of options for their lash needs.

MK Haus of Beauty: MK Haus of Beauty presented their nourishing lash aftercare products, ensuring the longevity and health of lash extensions.

Iconic Lash Artistry: Discover the range of lash products offered by Iconic Lash Artistry, designed to enhance and elevate lash extension services.

The Sydney Lash Conference 2023 was a highly successful event that brought together lash artists, industry experts, and leading brands in a vibrant and educational atmosphere. Attendees gained valuable insights from renowned speakers on running a lash business, developing eyelash extension skills, and exploring the latest trends and techniques. With a thriving sponsor marketplace featuring Spencer Artistry, Elleebana, LashBox LA, MK Haus of Beauty, and Iconic Lash Artistry, attendees had access to top-quality lash products. As one of the most searched Australian lash conferences, the Sydney Lash Conference 2023 left a lasting impact on the local lash community.

We are already preparing our 2024 conference which will be held on the Gold Coast on March 10 at The Star. 

   Alyssa Ruiz FBALA HOH Program  Teagan Piercy Lash Coast Australia