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Raising the Price of your Lash Extention Services

Why should you Raise your Lash Service Prices? A lot of lash artists are scared to increase prices in the fear that they will lose clients however the fact of the matter is, that when you raise your prices, you’ll obtain clients whom not only treat your business and services as a luxury, but will take care of their lashes better.

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Lash Retention Issues and Combating them

Retention issues are one of the most common concerns about lash clients and lash artists. Sometimes, even the most skilled lash artists encounter lash retention issues. It is important not to blame the client so getting to the bottom of lash retention issues needs to be conducted with care. When lashes are applied correctly, they should last until the client’s lashes start their natural shedding process. When coming off prematurely, it means that the bond of the adhesive has been affected somehow, whether during the application process or whilst they are applied on the client. There are many reasons why retention issues occur so below we will discuss a number of them for you to keep a look at for...

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