Become a Lash Educator Masterclass Host


You may have heard or completed our online lash educator course. We have had over 700 students enrol over the last 2 years and venture on their journeys as certified lash educators across the globe.

We are now accepting applications for experienced and existing lash educators to host our in person masterclasses to compliment our online lash educator course.

Whats involved:

- You will host a one day masterclass to assist students who will later complete our online lash educator course on what is required from them to complete the course.

- View students live demonstrations / model work to ensure they are highly skilled in lash application to become educators themselves, exhibiting all fundamental lashing skills, techniques, styling and hygienic practices with a client. 

- Go through in detail how their lash courses should be prepared, timed and framed to ensure ample time for understanding theory, application and assessments for their students. We aim to ensure all our educators are implementing comprehensive training and delivering courses that enforce and uphold the safe lashing standards within the industry to avoid crash courses and sub par training. 

- Content explanation - ensure students are aware of all the fundamental content that should be taught within their lash training. 

- Assessments - Run through what assessments are to be included in the lash course including both theory and practical tasks, model work and additional activities to re-inforce the content being delivered within the training. 

- How to advertise training and celebrate their students upon completion.


You will have:

- Obtained certification in multiple lashing skills and have fundamental theory and practical knowledge and skills in classic, handmade volume and pro made volume lash application. This is even if you do not perform handmade volume fans and just apply pro made. It is crucial you are well versed and have skill in handmade volume fans to ensure our masterclass students and their students are being set up for success in all skill areas.

- Lash Education Experience. To be able to lead our newest educators into the field, we expect our applicants to have sound experience in delivering lash training to be able to share their knowledge to masterclass students to be able to guide them to becoming a successful lash educator.

- Completed our Online Educator Course. 

- Be available to schedule regular masterclasses

- Ready to go venue to hold the masterclass in your suburb, city, town or state. 


You will not have to mark student assessments for the online educator course, this will be done by our team once the students have completed the masterclass and started their course with us.

If you wish to speak to us in further detail about becoming a masterclass instructor and host, please complete the form below and our team will schedule either a phone call, zoom meeting or confer via email with you. 

We hope to have masterclass hosts across the globe to further support our existing and future online lash educator students with hands on and in person information. Detailed explanation of what is required of them as educators, will ensure safe and comprehensive lash training. 




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