Lash Aftercare

1. Invest in a great Lash Shampoo
Washing your lashes daily is a must, just as important as washing your face. As you sleep, your lashes build up sleep, make-up, oils and dead skin, which all damage the bond between your natural lashes and your eyelash extensions. If you do not clean your lashes, not only will you see a build up of all the above, but your follicles will get blocked, seeing your natural lashes slide out of their root like butter, causing potential permanent damage.
2. Use Oil Free Products on your Face
Do not use Micellar water or any oil based facial cleansers when washing your face. Face products including moisturisers and face oils or even makeup with oil in it, can weaken if not damage the bond between the lash and adhesive, leaving your lashes to come off prematurely. 
3. Brush Your lashes Daily
Brushing your lashes keeps them looking fresh and fluffy. In addition and most importantly, it will keep them untangled, preventing them from pulling on each other which could eventually lead to your natural lashes being pulled from their root causing damage.
4. Make Regular Lash Appointments
Book your refills in advance to ensure your lashes are well maintained, clean, neat, healthy and no appointments are missed resulting in needing a full set or complete removal.
5. Do NOT wear mascara on your lashes
Mascara should not be worn with lash extensions. They clump together, causing itchiness due to the extensions being stuck together, leading to damage and it is impossible to clean them properly without any residual residue. Your lash artists will most likely have to perform a complete lash removal to remove any mascara clumps remaining on your lashes. 
6. Be Cautious of Eyeshadow and Makeup residue.
Your lash artist can see from a bird's eye view any makeup, eyeshadow, mascara or product that you haven't cleaned properly when you go to your appointments so do not lie to them about wearing makeup or cleaning your lashes if you haven't!