Is it Safe to lash a Pregnant Client?

Over the years, I've attended to many pregnant clients and as an educator, I often get asked if it is safe to do so. Below I have broken down some factors you may need to consider as a lash artist if your client is pregnant or if they ask you about obtaining lash extensions whilst pregnant. 

Can I lash a client who is pregnant? Who do I need to check this with?

First thing to do would be to ensure that your insurance policy incorporates protection for you and your business when it comes to lashing pregnant clients. In addition, check with your lash supplier on their stance regarding lash clients, most of the time this is ok as long as your ensure their safety is paramount. 

What do I need to consider when lashing a pregnant client?

Pregnant women pee a lot..... known fact, so, it's a sensible thing to allow for more time within your appointment to accommodate their lavatory breaks or if they are needing to move to be comfortable during the treatment. 

Have a pregnancy pillow or wedge to be placed under your client's stomach or legs to make them as comfortable as possible, in addition to blankets.

Let your client know that it might be easier for them to make more regular visits for refills so that they aren't lying down for too long for say, a 4 week refill. Get them to come in fortnightly so their appointment is not as long. 

Lying directly flat on their back is not recommended for the safety of the baby after the first trimester so the client may want to lie on their side, a pillow underneath their tummy will help them in this instance but do not recommend them lie flat on their back. 

How does pregnancy affect lash retention?

As a woman's hormones are affected during pregnancy, it's natural to assume that lash retention will be affected also. You may have heard or experienced yourself that hair loss or growth during pregnancy occurs so this is something that will clearly affect retention.

Brief the client before hand on these issues so they are aware that they may see a faster loss of lashes due to this or due to hormones changing, their sebum or oil excreted from skin or lash follicles may increase lash loss. Washing lashes daily is crucial for everyone but its great if you remind your client why this is extra important when pregnant.

If the client has any medical concerns, direct them to a doctor or midwife. Please do not provide them with any medical advice. You are not qualified to do so. 

Can a pregnant client be more inclined to get a reaction?

As mentioned above, due to change in hormones, this may increase the risk of a reaction for the client in addition to lash retention. This is why it's super important to run through a consultation or briefing prior to servicing a pregnant client. 

If a client is pregnant or breastfeeding and on any medications, please ensure they seek medical advice on obtaining lashes and if a reaction occurs. Informing your clients as much as possible so they are able to make an informed decision about their lash services is something that should be incredibly important to you, your business and the health and safety of your client.

To conclude, it is safe to lash pregnant clients however it must be done with caution. If you do not feel comfortable lashing a pregnant client, then please let your client know why and ensure that its due to their safety. 

If you have any further information you'd like to share regarding lashing pregnant clients or have some queries, feel free to reach out to the Lash'd Eyelashes team. 

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