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Lash Educator Masterclass - Master the Creation of your own Lash Course

Lash Educator Masterclass - Master the Creation of your own Lash Course

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Introducing Our Comprehensive In Person Lash Educator Masterclass


Gold Coast: March 8 2024 - Location TBA

Are you a passionate lash artist with a vision to share your expertise and shape the future of the lash industry? Look no further – our Lash Educator Masterclass is here to guide you on your journey to becoming an exceptional lash educator and curriculum creator. Now you can work with Deanna in person to further solidify your knowledge on how to create your own lash course or courses and what to include.

Why Choose Our Lash Educator Masterclass?

In this immersive and hands-on masterclass, you'll unlock the secrets to crafting a top-tier lash course that sets the standard in lash education. We understand that transitioning from a talented lash artist to an effective educator requires a unique set of skills, and that's exactly what our masterclass offers.

What You'll Gain:

1. Comprehensive Guidance: Our experienced and knowledgeable trainers will walk you through every step of creating your lash course. From designing engaging session content to developing effective assessments, you'll gain insights that ensure your students receive a well-rounded education.

2. In-Person Interaction: Get the chance to work closely with our trainers and ask questions in real-time. This personalised attention will help you refine your approach and address any concerns, ensuring your course stands out in the competitive lash industry.

3. Seamless Online Integration: As a bonus, your masterclass enrolment includes access to our online educator course valued at $1800AUD. After the in-person masterclass, you can dive into this self-paced program to reinforce your learning and explore additional resources at your convenience.

4. Certificate of Attendance: Upon completing the masterclass, you'll receive a prestigious certificate of attendance. This not only showcases your commitment to excellence but also boosts your credibility as a lash educator.

5. Premium Lash Products: We're dedicated to supporting your success. That's why your enrolment comes with a selection of high-quality lash products that you can use to enhance your practical training sessions. Valued at over $500AUD

6. Lifetime Discount: We believe in nurturing long-term relationships. Graduates of our Lash Educator Masterclass receive a special lifetime discount on lash training products. This exclusive perk ensures that you're well-equipped to provide the best learning experience for your students.

7. Business Mentoring: Deanna will be available for one on one time with students for them to ask questions about running a lash business or anything else they would like help with. We ask students to consider questions prior to class. 

8. Bonus Learning Materials: You'll receive our Lash Adhesive Bible and our exclusive Targeted Marketing for Lash Artists E-Book in which you can print off and provide for your students learning materials. 

Join Us in Shaping the Future of Lash Education!

Elevate your lash career and make a lasting impact by becoming a skilled lash educator. Our Lash Educator Masterclass equips you with the tools, knowledge, and ongoing support needed to create a successful lash course that adheres to industry standards.

Ready to embark on this transformative journey? Enrol now and take the first step towards becoming a trailblazer in the lash education realm. Your expertise has the power to shape the next generation of lash artists!

Limited Seating Available 

Note: We have made a instalment option to secure your spot, available of $500 AUD which is non refundable and will be applied towards the total amount of the masterclass. The remainder will need to be paid in full up to 3 weeks prior to the commencement of the course to hold your spot. We will not be able to separate instalment options into smaller amounts other than to receive the remainder outstanding in one full payment which will be payable via invoice sent after you have secured your spot with our instalment option. 


Past Student Pricing:

If you have previously enrolled in our online Lash Educator Course and would love to join in on this Masterclass, we have a special discounted price for you as the hard yards of course creation would have already been done, this is for those who'd like extra time or a closer proximity to Deanna or one of our trainers to further develop or improve your course. 

For any inquiries or further details, don't hesitate to contact us at

Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
Jasmine Tangohau
Amazing 5 stars

I highly recommend this class to anyone in the industry who's wanting to educate others, Deeana is very passionate about the industry and keeping the standards at high level and so am I which is why I went to her in person class. Plus she's super kind fun and to be learning from her was actually an honor she's highly recognized in the industry and I absolutely know why. She's still supporting me and she's back in Australia and im in N.Z Sign up you will not regret it Thankyou so much Deeana

Maddy Rose
Amazing & Detailed Educator Course - Worth the Investment

Absolutely loved completing this educator course! Was so well made and presented, incredibly helpful in guiding me on my educator journey. Had no idea half the things I needed to do to become a successful educator before this course. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to become a lash educator!

Minna Pilssari
Worth the money

A perfect course if you want to start educating, covers heaps of topics and useful information for you to up skill and expand your business.

Rima Rahayu
Best course, 100% recommend !

The course was very easy to understand, many topic that I didn’t know yet as an lash technician they explained really good. Definitely best investment I ever do, 💗

Vaonila Tafiti
Definitely recommend!

This course was great! It helped me develop what I need to have a successful lash course & to ensure I am teaching everything correctly. Highly recommend!

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