The International Lash Master's Association Educator Course - Lash'd Eyelashes

The International Lash Master's Educator Course

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The International Lash Masters  Educator's Course will prepare you to incorporate Eyelash Extension training within your Lash Business. We will provide you with the necessary skills to create a course and a well suited environment.

If you would like to look up the course syllabus please click the link below:


When you have purchased the course you will receive an email from Thinkific to set up your password and log in page link! 

At I.L.M, we want to encourage education within the lash industry and we also would like to ensure that lash trainers are providing courses which are current, valid, contain relevant information and provide adequate opportunity for their learners to grasp the lash skill prior to certification. As Nationally Accredited trainers and lash artists ourselves, we know what it takes to provide lash training that meets the nationally accredited standards within Australia and we will work with International Standards. Upon Completion of our online course, you will be certified as an International Lash Master's Educator.

At the end of the course you will be able to:


  • Recognise the different learning styles

  • Plan and design training to gain commitment and enthusiasm

  • Run a training session and supervise training

  • Check that your training is effective and that learning has occurred



Chapter One: The Fundamentals of running a training Program

Chapter Two: What is Expected of you by the end of this course? 

Chapter Three: Addressing  LLN Skills

Chapter Four: Learning Styles

Chapter Five: Creating your Lash Course Outline

Chapter Six: Conducting your Sessions

Chapter Seven: Beginning and Ending your Sessions

Chapter Eight:  Course Environment 

Chapter Nine: Assessment

Chapter Ten: Creating your Manual/ Material

Chapter Eleven: Dealing with Difficult Learners 

Chapter Twelve: Your Educator Course Assessment -FINAL CHAPTER


You will be required to complete and submit several activities in preparation for your course development. Templates will be provided.

You will be required to create and submit a Comprehensive training manual for your final assessment which will be assessed and if more work is required, we will work with you.