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Our 2022 Sydney Lash Masters Conference - The Best Day Ever!

Friends were made, seminars were had with many special guests including Lashcast's very own Paul and Tussanee Luebbers. The day went off without a hitch and we could not have asked for anything better. 

We were super organised on the morning of the event due to the beautiful Jade Penson, owner of Lavilash who graciously helped me set up the conference room the day before the event and pack the sponsor product bags. If it wasn't for Jade, I don't think I would have gotten it all done so I am forever grateful for her assistance and ongoing support. 

Blaze Lloyd, Owner and Founder of Lashiivo, Canada; started off the day with her seminar on the neuroscience of marketing and its effect on customers and clients alike. She is a powerhouse entrepreneur and only 21 years old - big future ahead for Blaze and Lashiivo. We adore her. 

Annemarie Lorenzini from Untamed Artistry hit the stage and gleamed with her seminar. The audience, enthralled as expected loved her. We are super privileged to have had Annemarie make her way to Australia all the way from the United States of America, along with Paul and Tussanee who were also phenomenal; and our keynote speakers for the day. 

Due to the pandemic and travelling issues we were shattered that Anna Timonina from Deseyener Pro, based in New York was unable to attend, but Lauren Lappin, owner of Allure Lash and Beauty Bar stepped in at the last minute and saved the day. We loved her. She was honest, raw and relatable to all attendees building their lash businesses. Lauren is also a coach for salon owners and runs a few different programs for business owners to grow their businesses in all aspects from profitability to hiring reliable staff members. 

Nicole Perry from NP Lash Supplies and Lockslash trainer joined our amazing speaker time in her first speaking gig and spoke on various ways to implement social media marketing for lash businesses. 

Appearing digitally, Nina Andrews, owner of Lashes on Point Salon in Doreen Melbourne was unable to attend however still managed to produce and outstanding video played to our audience to complete the day. 

In addition to the wonderful day of educational content, the group of people gathered at our Sydney Lash Masters Event was amazing. Everyone was super welcoming and inclusive - which is what we love. I am adament on making everyone feel welcome at these events and to not feel intimidated to join us and our community. We are super humbled the atmosphere was completely positive and hope for everyone to join us in Melbourne for our next conference in October.

Notable mention to all our beautiful Sponsors for the day including B-Styles Lashed, Lashed Avenue, Cosmetique Lash Salon, Million Lashes Pro, LashCast, Giali Lashes, Lash Rescue, Lash X Artistry, Lashes on Point Salon, Lashiivo, Diamond Lash Supplies, NP Lashes, Annemarie Pro and LaviLash. 

I would just like to, again, say thank you to absolutely everyone who attended. I cried when I got home thinking about the day and the weekend that was. I was super scared for many reasons but the conference would not have been such a success if it wasn't for everyone who was there. Thank you so much for supporting our event and I hope to always bring the best to ILM lash events for you all. I have no words for the amount of gratitude I have for everyone's support. 

I can't wait to see everyone again in Melbourne for our next conference in October. Jamie Butler from LashBase is coming to speak and I couldn't be more excited to finally meet him. Very grateful to have him fly over from the UK. London Lash Pro is our VIP sponsor which is also incredible as our events have made an impact on international lash brands. 

Let's go Aussie Lash Fam! 
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