Partnership Opportunities

Lash'd started as an eyelash extension business thats now expanded to include opulent lash products, education and events for lash artists. We are passionate about growing a community where everyone feels included and can become an integral part of our family.

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Partnership opportunities

At Lash'd, community and family is our number one focus, when you do well, we do well :)

About our Available Programs

What programs are on offer and why would we choose them?

We have a number of exclusive programs for our students and customers to join our growing family. Our Ambassador Program enables frequent customers to earn savings from future orders plus earn a commission off sales when their own unique link is used by people they show their Lash'd product content to.

Our Educator Course Partnership program allows current and past Lash Educator Students to earn from every sale of our lash educator course that comes from their unique link as well (this rate is a big one).

All customers of our ambassadors and partners will also receive a discount to entice orders.

How does the payment system work?

Shopify Collabs tracks every sale that comes through using your links and you will be direct deposit after each sale.

Why are Lash'd doing this?

Our business doesn't thrive unless our customers and students are happy. We are in a position to be able to give back to our community and to those who shop with us and are grateful for each sale that comes through.

What happens if we no longer wish to be apart of this program?

Simple! You can let us know and we can cease your agreement with us.