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We at Lash'd Eyelashes are all about community and would love to network and support as many lash artists in our industry as we can. Our motto is not to compete but to unite and our ambassador program is aimed at doing just that. Not only will you receive benefits to our products but we want to include you all in our conferences, events and training programs. 

Are you a passionate lash artist interested in inspiring and motivating your fellow lash lovers and artists? Do you love to share your eyelash extension expertise? Do you have a supportive and engaged audience on social media? If your answer to all these questions is yes, then becoming an eyelash brand ambassador might be a great opportunity for you!

Below we have listed some of the reasons as to why you might choose to become apart of the Lash'd Family.

What is an Eyelash Extension Brand Ambassador?

An eyelash brand ambassador represents and advertises a brand, business, or company exclusively. In addition to becoming the face to raise awareness of the brand, products, and services, they will be a considered a figure of authority when it comes to lash expertise and education and welcome to our exclusive events and conferences with additional perks.  A brand ambassador will be happy to endorse, recommend, and refer to the company’s brand, services, and products when they are applying eyelash extensions on their clients to their social media audience in exchange for exclusive benefits. 

Note: Our Brand ambassadors will be certified lash artists in basic and experienced application techniques. 


What do you need to become an eyelash brand ambassador?

To become an eyelash brand ambassador at Lash'd Eyelashes, we want to make sure you love our brand and support not only our vision, but our ethics. We want you to want to be apart of our family and ensure you are gaining the most from collaborating with us. 

Social media is important for a brand ambassador to not only have but frequently utiliise for their lash business. If you frequently engage with your followings on IG, Pinterest, TikTok or another platform by 

  • Creating unique reels, educational content, photos, and videos then upload them.
  • Keep on top of the current eyelash extension trends. Ensuring they align with our values and brand, then share them with your followers.
  • Lead, strengthen, and support the lash community. Engage with other lash lovers.
  • Maintain a positive lash community, including those within our community. 
  • Connect various followers together with our shared love for eyelash extensions.
  • Try to be innovative with lash extension methods and ideas.

The benefits of becoming an eyelash brand ambassador

You may be thinking what you get our of joining our ambassador program and the benefits you receive from us - in exchange for supporting our brand and raising awareness to the outer lash community. 

1. Grow your reach, exposure, and engagement 

We will feature all content from our ambassadors on our growing lash socials including TikTok videos, Reels, Pinterest Idea Pins and photos. As soon as you tag us and we are notified, we will share on our pages, tag you and support your businesses. As you will be creating content, you will have a more engaged audience viewing your lash work and will be seen as an authority in the lash industry with your skills and as an ambassador for Lash'd. 

2. Exclusive discounts and offers on products + events

We will be giving exclusive discounts on products for our ambassadors which will increase and reach up to 30% off products in some instances for our most dedicated and supportive ambassadors. 

We are also thrilled to be able to offer discounts and free invites to our conferences and exclusive events. 

You will also be given your own discount code to give to your engaged audience on social media.

3. First access to the latest news & products

As an eyelash brand ambassador, you will be the first one to know if there are sales, discounts, and news about your favourite lash products and supplies. We will give our ambassadors the first look and opportunity to purchase newly launched products before the public. They will also have access to tickets for our conferences prior to public launch as well. 

4. Be a part of an authentic community 

We want to ensure open communication with our ambassadors and to be friends with all. We are allergic to BS here and want no drama. We are supportive of all people in any walks of life and want everyone to feel included at Lash'd. Whether you need support for your business, a friendly ear to listen or an opportunity to be a part of a cool group of people, we'd love to have you join. 

6. Opportunity to build your network and clientele 

We often get asked who we recommend for lash services or training services due to our growing community with our lash conferences and transition to becoming a lash brand as opposed to us offering services ourselves, so we would obviously recommend our ambassadors to those who ask. Our ambassadors will have an opportunity to be listed on our website with a friendly profile picture and links to their business pages. 

7. Feature on our website + socials

We love offering opportunities and our platform to lash artists and business owners in efforts of them gaining credibility and authority within the industry. We will offer opportunities to showcase our ambassadors on our website, invite lash ambassadors to contribute to our blog posts and shine a light on their business success. We will also offer an opportunity for our ambassadors to be interviewed and featured on our socials as apart of our exclusive spotlight feature. 

How to become an eyelash brand ambassador

If what you have read through is exciting you to be apart of our family, then all you have to do is submit your personal details below and we will get back to you with more information and the process of moving forward for you to become a part of our community. 

Cannot wait to hear from you


Owner of Lash'd Eyelashes

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