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Lash'd Eyelashes

Eyelash Extension Volume Lashes Application Manual

Eyelash Extension Volume Lashes Application Manual

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Use our volume manual to assist with refreshing your own lash skills or providing content for your lash classes. We have incorporated various topics to cover foundational basics required. The topics we speak about include:


- The difference between Volume, Hybrid and Mega Volume

- Curls, lengths,diameters and weight 

- Volume Adhesive

- Tweezers

- How to Correctly Hold Tweezers

- Handmade vs PreMade

- Glue Dipping

- Fan mistakes

- Closing fans and how to deal with them

-Strip Lash Technique

- Perfect Base

- Top Line Effect

- Eye shapes

- Directions

- Eyestyling

- Practice Sheet

- Application Direction

- The lashing procedure

- Aftercare

This manual should not be used as a replacement to enrolling in a lash course if you are wanting to become a lash artist. If you wish to add more to your lash course or manual than what is included in this foundational manual, you can. It is meant to guide you and help you. 


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