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Lash'd Eyelashes

0.07mm So Black Volume Lashes Mixed Length Trays for Eyelash Extensions

0.07mm So Black Volume Lashes Mixed Length Trays for Eyelash Extensions

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Our lashes are named SO BLACK for a reason, the colour is immaculate, dark and will give your lash sets a deep and full finish. Our soft lashes fan like butter and you'll create fans with a perfect base every time. 

Our SO BLACK trays have been handcrafted using the highest quality Korean PBT fibre and carefully inspected to ensure complete integrity with every order. Our SO BLACK PBT faux mink lashes are soft to the touch with lots of flexibility while maintaining its original curl. 

All trays have foil backing to make it easy for you to peel off the tray and make it easy to clean your lash tile upon completion of use. 

Product Features

+ Genuine PBT fibres

+ Mixed Length (from 8-15mm)

+ 20 Rows

+ Available in 0.05mm, 0.07mm

+ Easy to fan with using multiple techniques.

+ Foil backing for clean removal on lash tiles and easy peeling

+ Eco-friendly packaging

+ Natural Matte finish

+ Black in colour - no blue tinge

+ Long lasting Curl.

+ Lash curl and length marked at the bottom of the box for easy storage organisation.


Please ensure you choose the correct trays as returns cannot be accepted due to safety and hygiene reasons. 

Returns will only be accepted if there is a problem or fault with the product.

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