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Lash'd Eyelashes

UV Steriliser Box for cleaning

UV Steriliser Box for cleaning

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Place not only your lash tweezers but any small household objects including yourself phone in this sterilising box! It’s voice activated and will let you know when the sterilising begins and ends.

It’s small in size, only 23 cm in length and 4cm high. This handy little machine will keep all your tools clean from bacteria and fungus!

The UV light power is 2.1W and the UV wavelength Is 257nm.

It is powered by a USB input so this can work with any power outlet!

It only takes a few minutes to clean your items! 

Item comes with:

+ manual

+ the UV steriliser box

+ USB cord. 

**Please ensure that you are permitted via your council permit to use a UV Steriliser if you are an operating beauty/lash salon. 

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