Are you ready to Provide Lash Education? Don't rush the process


Since starting the International Lash Masters, we have been inundated with potential enrolments from lash artists wanting to incorporate education within their lash business. It is admirable, it's passionate and I commend those wanting to take that next step. However, in saying this, it has become apparent that there are people out there who have not considered the many factors and variables it takes to provide competent and comprehensive lash education. 

Some of the issues that I have found from some people who want to educate include:

- less than 6 months lashing experience

- asking how easy our Online Lash Educator Course is to obtain certificate so they can provide lash training

- Lack of funds - driven by potential money earned

- Desire to teach classic and volume together in a one day course (raging bull at this one!)

- Rushed assessments submitted through our online course

- Lack of education about being an educator and how this differs from being a lash artist or business owner

- Short term goal orientated, not looking at the bigger picture

It is not a problem to consider yourself as a learner in life. In fact, those who feel they know everything, do not learn and I personally feel disheartened when someone who has minimal experience in not only lashing, but running a business, dealing with a variety of people, business obstacles, experience feels that they are in a position to teach others. Why? Do you really feel competent enough after a couple of months to become a teacher? I have been lashing for 12 years and I still feel I have so much to learn from others. 

The industry is always changing and new information is always being released and taught. It baffles me and it's sad that the idea of 'longevity' when it comes to business growth and long term goals in terms of branding and business reputation is not considered or taken into account in some cases.

You need to ask yourself. . . .If you have been lashing for 3-4 or 5 months and want to teach others, what makes you and your business more desirable for lash education as opposed to lash businesses that are not prematurely developed and have been in the industry for a while? What are you offering that they are not? 

I am all for everyone achieving their goals and doing something new however I feel that the energy from those feel they want to educate others should be refocused to learn and educate themselves with as much lash and business knowledge as possible so that when they do educate, they have all the answers for their students who will see them as their lash god.

It takes 1000 hours to be a master at something. Anything. It is ok to continue learning, we all do. 

Lash education is not for the faint hearted and if the reasons you are doing it is not for the passion to educate others and mentor people into establishing their own successful businesses then do not do it. 

Mentors and lash educators can teach and guide from their own experience, not because they want to earn a quick $1000-2000. If you had to pick a lash educator, who would you choose? A lash course that is one day for $500 and seems generic? Or would you find the best in the industry who has created a business that you want to have? They may charge more for their course but I guarantee it will be comprehensive, and immersing yourself around an experienced business owner and lash artist will increase that value tenfold. 

If you are not fully booked as a lash artist, you have no demand for lash education and you are struggling financially because your business is not making the money you want, deciding to educate is not the answer. How can you teach your students how to be a successful lash artist when you are still working on that yourself?

It's harsh but its true. Don't rush the process, be happy educating yourself before you take on others.

Reach out if you have any questions 

Deanna x


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