How much can you make as a lash artist?

How much money can you make as a Lash Artist? I hate this question but I know most people will want some sort of answer to it.

The answer is, it depends on many things. Yes its true, you can make 6 figures as a lash artist but what are you willing to do to get there?

The eyelash extension industry is forever growing and only just over a decade old so there is an infinite amount of opportunities we don’t know exist as of yet within the industry and many niches to be filled. First, let's just look at pricing for lash services working for yourself. There are many variables that will affect your income, lash service prices, how many clients you have, product costs, how many days you are lashing and other overheads.

Let's work out an average earning if you are a full time lash artist:

Say you charge $150 for a full set (2 hours per set) 150 x 4 clients during an 8 hour day = $600

Let's say you charge $80 for a refill (1 hour each) $80 x 8 clients during an 8 hour day = $ 640

You will do a mix of both during the day most times so let's say you do 2 full sets = $300 and 3 refills = $240 plus an hour for your break.

Day average total = $540 $540 x 5 days a week = $2660 per week

$2660 x 50 weeks = $133,000 per annum

That’s a massive amount, but it's before taxes and expenses. Its still a great amount to make as a solo lash artist. If you worked as a lash artist part time or as a side hustle, you’d make half this amount and its still a great amount to add to your other income streams from working elsewhere if you are not ready to be a full time lash artist. If you are reading these prices thinking you can definitely charge more, then you can, this was just an average.

If you are reading the prices and thinking, how can I charge these prices? Then the next part of this chapter will help you navigate how and when to raise your prices. If you are a new lash artist, it's important you practice a lot to be able to build up your client portfolio and skill set. It is not something that can happen over night, but if you want it and work at it, it's definitely possible.

If you haven’t your prices yet, you need to take into consideration your costs and the investments you’ve made into your lash education to not only cover them but profit as well. We did speak about finding a lash space when setting up your business earlier, but when finding a location, what you also need to consider is the prices in the particular area people will pay for lashes. If you are wanting to charge a premium and make as much money as possible, look for a salon space in an affluent area. Cringy to say but it's true. You’ll be searching for clients who aren’t as frugal with cash and don’t mind spending for a luxe service. Research what other lash artists in the same area are charging. If they are substantially cheaper and you don’t feel their prices are right and can charge higher, ensure your services are delivered at a premium luxe experience to differentiate yourself.

Another important factor is how you are marketing yourself. For people to book in with you, they need to have heard about you. Without people knowing who and where you are? How can you reach your income targets? Refer back to our marketing chapter to help with this if you need.

Note: Word of mouth is a powerful tool within the lash industry and your work is your advertisement. If you do a good job, your clients will be walking advertisements for you as people will definitely ask them where they get their lashes done. Easiest marketing you could possibly ask for and I guarantee that you will obtain new clients this way.

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