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Staying COVID Safe within your Lash Salon

Most Aussie businesses, especially retail, salons and small businesses have been closed for the majority of 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is beyond thrilling that many are beginning to reopen and welcome back clients. However, safety concerns are still a number one priority for staff and customers.

I am not here to preach vaccine mandates or tell you what you should do with your business and customers however there are many safety precautions to consider. The safeguards extend beyond masks and social distancing. It is the duty of the business owner and staff to ensure these precautions are implemented.

  • Ensure quality ventilation by operating with the windows and doors open if possible. Working outside may see the elements interfere, however if you are willing to chance it on a nice day, then feel free. Being outdoors decreases the chances of exposure to viruses in general, including COVID-19. 
  • Respect capacity and customer limits to ensure customers feel comfortable within your space. Operating at a limited capacity is frustrating for all, especially after being closed for so long however it is crucial for the safety and comfortability of your clients. It is recommended not to allow clients to  bring their friends and family members to appointments. It is an added and unnecessary risk to others, including yourself within the space. 
  • Recommend COVID testing and temperature checks upon arrival - Don't be afraid to conduct routine temperature checks when clients and staff enter the salon or lash space. Not only does this protect everyone, it demonstrates how your business is taking on the responsibilities of the pandemic by due diligence to ensure everyone's safety and health. When a client books their appointment in, send them notifications or updates of your COVID procedures before they arrive so they know what to expect.  If you feel it is best to ask your clients to provide COVID test results before coming to their appointment, you can do this also however it is not a requirement by law. D’Lashes owner Dionne Phillips, celebrity lash artist in Beverly Hills, CA, requires clients to get a COVID-19 test and send their test results before their appointment. She also sends the clients her test results as well. This is not a requirements by the State of California however D'Lashes does it for their clients’ safety, in addition to her own. 
  • Inform clients on Sanitation Procedures - use disposable supplies, a cashless credit card machine, and clean chairs and lash tables in between appointments. You can wear a shield, mask, and gloves if you wish. For an additional level of protection, obtain a Barbicide certification to learn how to clean your tools properly and display this certificate within the salon. Use UV sterilisers in addition to chemical sterilisation. Ask clients to use hand sanitizer and wash your hands in front of them so they can see that you are taking adequate precautions for their health and safety.
  • Recommend alternate Hygiene requirements to customers - let clients and staff know to stay home and call an expert for advice if they are coughing or do not feel well in addition to the next steps you need to take for appropriate diagnosis and treatment protocol. Ensure social distancing and strict hand washing in the salon. Ensure all staff are wearing correct PPE and everyone washes with alcohol-based hand soap to kill all viruses, particularly in between clients.Avoid touching your face, nose, eyes, and mouth since these are vital entryways for the virus. Encourage all to It would cover mouth and nose with a bent elbow or a tissue whenever coughing or sneezing and throw away used tissues immediately to prevent cross-infection. 

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