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Lash'd Eyelashes

200 Promade Fan Lash Tray for 6-8mm

200 Promade Fan Lash Tray for 6-8mm

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We guarantee you'll adore our premade lash fans for your lash clients. Our new promade Mini trays have 200 fans per box, perfect for inner corner lengths 6-8mm! 

You may not want to purchase a whole XXL tray of 6 mm as you won't use them so much, but need a few more fans than in a standard mixed length tray, so we've come up with a mini tray, specialising for the inner corner lengths.

We are a proud Melbourne based lash business that started from humble beginnings as a lash artist in 2009 and are now supplying lashes to lash techs across the world.  Our thin pointy based pro made fans will be so easy to use and speed up your lash sets whilst maintaining the integrity of lash application. 

Lash'd Eyelashes use the highest quality PBT material for all our lashes which means, no animal products, including silk have been used and they are super soft to the touch.  We have spent over a year sourcing the highest quality lashes that we ourselves as lash artists would use and now wish to spread the word on how great these are to use. 

Our mini fan trays are available in 5D 0.07mm and 10D 0.03mm meaning they are upholding the safety precautions when caring for your clients natural lashes. 

Available in a variety of lengths and mixed length trays


  • 200 Premade volume fans placed on our a mini tray for inner corners
  • Highest quality PBT material for a premium finish.
  • 100% handmade
  • Pointy based base, making it super easy to apply and extend retention
  • Foil backing -so no worrying about the lash strip tearing
  • Fans peel off the strip easy so they won't break. 
  • Available in C and D curl
  • Speed up your lash sets and save time from creating fans from scratch, therefore more time for additional clients!
  • 100% cruelty free - no animal testing


  • As each fan is hand crafted, you might find that some fans appear different to other fans. 
  • Mini trays have been created for sizes 6-8mm
  • perfect for inner corner lengths
  • Won't need to purchase a massive tray for the little fans that you may not need so often. 


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  • Sent from our Melbourne Head Office for fast shipment
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