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Become A Lash Educator : How to Create your own Lash Course - Educator Masterclass E - book

Become A Lash Educator : How to Create your own Lash Course - Educator Masterclass E - book

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Lash Education is on the rise and with an influx of lash businesses incorporating lash training within their businesses - we have created the ultimate Masterclass Book/Ebook to help you create your own Lash Course.

In efforts to reduce the amount of cheap, short, crash lash courses, we created this masterclass manual to help you step through everything you need to know about creating a comprehensive lash course.

We have included everything from Creating your manual, developing course activities and assessments - as well as business and admin tips.

The Masterclass book also contains workshop pages and templates where you can map out your course framework, content, timing and how you will assess your students.

Content includes:

- Fundamentals of Conducting Lash Education

- Understanding Language, Literacy and Numeracy Skills

- Creating your course outline + Content

- Session Planning and Content

- Developing Session Activities and Assessments

- Timing your sessions within your course

- Course Environment

- Assessments

- Creating Your Manual

- Business and Admin

Note: This Masterclass manual is not to be use in replacement of our online Educator Course however it is available for those who wish to begin their Lash Education journey on their own. This is the sale of the Masterclass manual by itself.


Students who have enrolled in our online lash course not need purchase as it is already included within their course enrolment. 


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