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Lash Business Planner | Plan and Grow your Lash Business with Resell Rights

Lash Business Planner | Plan and Grow your Lash Business with Resell Rights

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If you are struggling to get lash clients after completing your lash course then this business plan is for you.

We have created a 47 page pdf business planner for lash artists to begin planning how they will establish and grow their lash business. We have included content on your business strategy, marketing, branding, content and productivity planners.

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Our overall goal is to help you determine where you see your lash business going and how to help you get there by using the planner to give you some clear guidance on what you need to do.

Pages include:

+ Who is your dream lash client?
+ Determining your business overview
+ Who your competitors are?
+ SWOT Analysis
+ Mission and Vision Statement planning
+ Market Analysis
+ Core concept of your business
+ Business Roadmap
+ Your business strengths
+ Marketing Tips for your Lash Business
+ AIDA Model
+ Marketing Strategy Funnel
+ Brand Voice
+ Brand Kit
+ Content Funnel
+ Social Media Challenge
+ Marketing Tactics
+ Social Media Post Planner
+ Monthly Content Planner
+ Daily Gratitude
+ Habit Tracker
+ Productivity Planner
+ Work Log
+ Monthly Planner

We hope this will help you on your lashing journey to fill your appointment books after you have a clear vision and plan on your eyelash extension business success!

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