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Lash'd Eyelashes

USB Charged Nanomister

USB Charged Nanomister

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Nano misting can be a Lash Artist's best friend.

What is a Nanomister?

A nanomister dispurses tiny water particles which can aid in speeding up the lash curing process at the end or during a lash appointment. 

What are the benefits of Nanomisting?

Nanomisting can extend lash retention rates if used when needed to assist in curing lash adhesive. It also helps mitigate issues with residual fumes


Do we need them as a lash artists?

Not for every service but they are quite helpful if you need to speed up adhesive curing or need to add moisture to the air around your lash station. Its beneficial to have one on hand if needed in your arsenal. 


- Comes with a data cable to charge

- Packaging Box

- Water Bottle to fill - Use distilled water only


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