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Lash'd Eyelashes

Lash Training Activity Workbook Aid

Lash Training Activity Workbook Aid

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Are you a lash educator? We have created a workbook aid to assist with questions, activities and task for your lash students within your training sessions.

Content includes

- Application Quiz

- Volume Lash Measurements

- Skill set Tasks

- Consultation concerns and much more


We have attached content page for you to view.

It is a 35 page document which is not meant to replace any assessment or content within your own training session however it is meant to be used as an AID, a guide, a product to give you ideas and prompt you on what you should be including in your course content.



This Workbook is protected by copyright of International Lash Masters and the purchase of this workbook is for the intentions of being used within your private business to aid your lash students.

In no way or another is this workbook to be resold, reformatted, duplicated, reworded or altered for commercial purposes. 

You are not permitted to give copies of this workbook to your students to take home, but you may use this workbook as a guide within their training sessions with you.

Answers have not been provided for our quizzes and questions within this workbook as this information should be known by you, as an educator. Information relating to the questions within this workbook should be within your training content.

 From Deanna: I have created this workbook to help you provide activities and learning content for your lash students. It has taken me so much time to put together in an effort to mentor and support lash educators. Please respect my efforts in creating this for you to enjoy within your lash space. Please do not redistribute in an unauthorised manner.

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